IT Specialist

Elite WhereGO is looking for IT Specialist please check below details and update your profile.

Job Description

Install and configure networks : Ensure that employee’s work stations can successfully connect to networks and access business-critical data at all times.

-Manage Databases: Setting up data storage and retrieval protocols, adjusting permissions, and maintaining data security and integrity during migrations, backups, ad day-to-day use

-Provide User Support : Helping setting up hardware or software, diagnosing connectivity or data access problems, answering questions about hardware and software , ad helping users access shared drivers and devices

-Manage Information Security : Monitoring access logs and building database security procedures ,set up antivirus programs at work stations, and develop policies for email security

Troubleshoot Systems and Hardware : Identifies issues with new hardware or software and works with users or on the back end of servers to quickly resolve those issues and prevent delays.

If you looking for IT,Software or application development jobs in Dubai than Please check above requirements and update your profile if you meeting the required things

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