IT Security Coordinator

Kanad Hospital is looking for IT Security Coordinator please check below details and update your profile.

Job Description

This position is responsible for technical operation and maintenance of IT equipment, network infrastructure and data-centers, involves storage and server management, management of switches and routers and other network resources within the Kanad Hospital infrastructure.


  • Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Business Administration or related field
  • Duration and type of Experience: At least 3 (preferably 5) years of work experience within Information Technology

Job functions and Key Accountabilities:

  • Security Management
    • Monitor network, computers, and applications, looking for events and traffic indicators that signal intrusion
    • Scan for, identify and assesses vulnerabilities in IT systems including computers, networks, software systems, information systems, and application software.
    • Conduct IT Security Audits for the entire organization
    • Conduct Security Trainings and user orientation on best practices for security
    • Prepare and publish regular user awareness material on IT Security
    • Document and collate evidence and ensure it is well organized and ready for 3rd party audits
    • Resolve incidents – Conduct investigation when security incidents occur, follow up to closure and incorporate preventive measures
    • Threat detection and prevention Techniques: Capabilities to assess the origin, Impact and severity of each incident and come up with corrective / preventive plans.
    • Assist with the implementation of security and disaster recovery processes for IT systems
    • Monitor alerts from various applications such as Antivirus, SOC, Firewalls, and Switches etc.
    • To review and rectify the implemented controls inline with ADHICS (Abu Dhabi Health Information and Cyber Security) standards and recommend improvements as applicable to the implemented controls
    • To identify the area of improvement in accordance with the documented information of ADHICS (Abu Dhabi Health Information and Cyber Security) which includes but not limited to policies, procedures, standards, guidelines etc.
    • Prepare and Document configurations, procedures, processes, checklists etc.
    • Coordinate with internal IT stakeholders, Vendors, DOH and other departments as necessary to ensure closure of Security tasks
    • Act on Department of Health, Security Operation Center and other Advisories to ensure threats have been blocked.
    • KPI and Reporting: to help the department with preparing KPIs and reports on various IT initiatives and security programs.
  • Project Management:
    • Initiates, plans, execute controls and closes out a discrete unit of work to accomplish desired outcomes.
    • Manages Security projects to closure
    • Actively manages task dependencies and critical path, balances resource allocation, mitigates risks, and monitors schedule/budget performance.
  • Ad Hoc Tasks
    • Research and assisting in implementation of best practices related to Security
    • Coordinate with Regulatory departments, internal teams and 3rd Party Vendors
    • Documenting and maintaining IT Security procedures and policies, related the above tasking

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